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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hi Friends,

The holidays go by so quickly. I've been to and from Indiana, gone to a Bengals game, worked, been to Nashville to celebrate the New Year and arrived home with a cold all in a little over a week. Whew. A few pics...

My new years resolutions (or goals or aspirations...those words sound better to me):
1) Take better quality pictures...may have something to do with my camera, but I know I can do better :)

2) Go to the gym! (I realize everyone says this, but I have been unusually bad this past year.)

3) SAVE FOR HAWAII!!!!!!!! (Lala's wedding will be here before we know it.)

4) Take an unplanned road trip (I did this in 2010 several times so I don't think it will be a problem).

5) Make better food choices (less french fries and more apple dippers)!

6) Be a better friend and wife (not that I'm bad, but we can always be better).

7) Watch more movies (I love once I have finished a good one, but have a problem making myself do it)!

8) Read more books!

I'm sure there are many more things I should do, but I haven't thought about it REALLY hard so thats all for now!

Matt and I are supposed to go see this today...we will see if that happens.

Anyone seen it?

Hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Happy 2011 :)


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  1. I need to do a lot of that too! Go to the gym, read more books, be a better wife and friend, eat less fries (eat less in general but esp. the fries), and I really need to just take MORE pictures. I've done so poorly the past couple of years, it is shameful! Good luck with your resolutions. Def'ly save for Hawaii. It is absolutely 100% awesome and worth every penny.