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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Globes...Fashion Police

Good morning friends,

Great weekend. Three days off work and basically three days of celebrating with friends! I really wish KY would go smoke free...I still feel like it's in my clothes, my hair, my purse, everything!

Anywho, I was watching the E! Fashion Police last night and they were discussing the Golden Globes. They gave Anne Hathaway best dressed:

Of course she is BEAUTIFUL, but I wouldn't give her best dressed.

I think I would have to choose one of these two for BEST DRESSED:

I don't think she got nearly enough attention...she looks great!

Biggest disappointment....HELLO! This was her night! What in the world is she doing???????????

Worst Dressed:
Totally inappropriate

I think she got 2nd best dressed according to E!...are you kidding??? This looks terrible!


Oh my word...I can't even find words to express how terrible this is.

One last thing...can I just say...who in the world thinks about a dress for the Golden Globes and decides on THIS:

What do you guys think??? I already can't wait for the OSCARS!


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