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Monday, January 31, 2011

S A G's

Hi Ladies,

Oh how I love the awards season. I literally watch E! Fashion Police and yell at the TV and either argue with or agree with the hosts...pathetic, ha! Here's where I stand on the SAG awards.

Best Dressed:

Honorable Mention:
Only one person on E! last night liked this dress...I love it and think she looks BEAUTIFUL!

I LOVE Modern Family so this was easy, but I think she looks adorable and love the high neck! She is age appropriate and I love it!

Ok...she got torn apart (mostly) on E! last night, but I think she looks great. Such an improvement over her pink and red dress from the last awards show! about an overall improvement...she is almost always on worst dressed lists but this time she looks GREAT!

Ok...this is the highlight of the SAG Awards...hahahahah!

You can't really tell from this photo, but she actually has a wedding dress on. Seriously, it's a designer bridal gown. WHAT IN THE WORLD??? Between her black purse, her hair, her facial expression and the entire photo...she looks like a train WRECK! Hilarious!

I'm sad to say it, but this one was a worst dressed in my book as well:

I know this is a bad photo, but I wanted you to see the SEAM running up her side! Oh lordy...terrible.

I usually love her too, but I had to give her a "no-go" on this one...come on Kim:

She definitely doesn't look terrible, but it's not her usual! last thing. If you haven't seen this, go rent it right now and watch it tonight. If you like Facebook at all, it's a GREAT movie and 100% worth watching. Even more's a true story!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wigging Out

This weekend was quite the fun one! About 17 girls were in Chicago for a bachelorette party! I must say Wicked was better the second time and I really enjoyed it. Three of us decided to leave early in the morning on Friday to get to Chicago and enjoy our time there. We went here...MY FAVORITE PIZZA!

Then we went shopping on Michigan Avenue.

We got ready for Wicked then went to the show (here are some of the girls)

Most of the girls went home after the show but not me of course (yikes)! We went to some hotel bar and had some girl time. It was great meeting new friends...not to mention the hilarious experience we had at Subway where I decided to order a falafale sub sandwich....HA!

The next day we had brunch at a WONDERFUL place but I forget the name of it...ha! I think maybe it was Grand Lux??? Here was my breakfast:

FUZZY Picture...taken from my cell phone.
We went wig shopping afterwards. I brought a black wig but after I saw everyone else's, that was NOT going to do the trick! Here was what I looked like that evening...

Ha! It was pretty embarassing, but really fun at the same time! All 17 girls had crazy wigs on.

So here's the worst part. My camera was dead the ENTIRE time so I have zero pictures. I really hope I get some from the Bachelorette's mom since she took great photos!


I'm so glad it's already Wednesday! My BFF's birthday is tomorrow and I can't wait to celebrate her last year in her 20's ;-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Hi girls,

I worked from home today because of all the snow we are getting here in KY! For those of you who don't know, I live in Northern Kentucky about 15 minutes from Cincinnati. It is really starting to come down and I really feel bad for all those hard working people who have to drive home this evening. I hope it slows down because I'm headed here tomorrow at 7 a.m.:

This time tomorrow a big group of girls will be getting all dolled up to go see this:

I saw it when it was here in Cincinnati, but I think it will be a different experience to see it in Chicago.

The real reason for a large girls trip to the "Windy City" is this:

Best part of all...on Saturday night all of the girls will be wearing a wig! Mine looks a little something like this:

YIKES I hope it doesn't look horrific! ha! Hope everyone has a great weekend. No offense, but I REALLY hope this team doesn't advance this Sunday:

Wow I had a hard time even putting that image on my blog, ha! PS. sorry this post has no relevance to Thirsty Thursday!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Globes...Fashion Police

Good morning friends,

Great weekend. Three days off work and basically three days of celebrating with friends! I really wish KY would go smoke free...I still feel like it's in my clothes, my hair, my purse, everything!

Anywho, I was watching the E! Fashion Police last night and they were discussing the Golden Globes. They gave Anne Hathaway best dressed:

Of course she is BEAUTIFUL, but I wouldn't give her best dressed.

I think I would have to choose one of these two for BEST DRESSED:

I don't think she got nearly enough attention...she looks great!

Biggest disappointment....HELLO! This was her night! What in the world is she doing???????????

Worst Dressed:
Totally inappropriate

I think she got 2nd best dressed according to E!...are you kidding??? This looks terrible!


Oh my word...I can't even find words to express how terrible this is.

One last thing...can I just say...who in the world thinks about a dress for the Golden Globes and decides on THIS:

What do you guys think??? I already can't wait for the OSCARS!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Three Day Weekend...Yeaaahh!

Hi gals,

It's Friday! It's a three day weekend! (At least it is for me!) You know what that means...SUNDAY FUNDAY!

So I told you that we would be watching my parents dogs for the next two weeks. Here they are ALL on our bed and there is no where for Matt and I to sleep. (Please excuse the mess and the REALLY un-even curtains.)

The dogs have been good, it's just a bit small for four dogs! Ha!

So, I will be going "brunette" on Saturday...SCARY! I'm not going back to my nautral color, but I want something like this:

YES, I realize I do NOT look like Jennifer Lopez...just talking hair here people!

I'll let you know how it turns out. I tend to freak out a bit when I go dark especially in the winter because I'm soooo pale. I have been this dark:

Thats me on the left. I was several pounds lighter and thats my REAL hair color!

Nothing to worry about...right?

HaPPy FrIdAy!!!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hi Peeps!

My day has been nearly wasted!! Thanks to this little baby CRASHING...

Best was only 7 months old and I was so happy to finally have it for work! Oh can be fixed.

Also, I just found out that thanks to our new insurance at work (which yes I am thankful to have) these will now be more than DOUBLE the price :(

No fear...these will help me to de-stress...

Now...I'm off to get some of this done since lord knows I didn't do it today at work after dealing with my computer crash!

Have a good night girl friends!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Bachelor Monday

So I had actually forgotten that the Bachelor was on tonight because I wasn't sure I'd be too interested in watching this guy go for round two. With that being said, I'm pretty much hooked. They find the funniest, prettiest, craziest girls in the world and its down right funny. We have vampire girl (the fangs she likes to "wear" are not in this picture):

The girls who absolutley LOVES herself SOOO much and doesn't seem to have room in her HUGE head for anyone other than herself (there is no was she is in this b/c she has any interest in him what-so-ever):

The girl who is so dramatic and loves to talk about how she is too old for the drama but she seems to bring it on herself: personal favorite (is she really only 24???). How can you not like her calm personality, and her sad story about her daughter and her fiancee who passed away??

Oh how I just realized that I love this show, LOL.

Good news for my work week............Clovernook (where I work) is CLOSED tomorrow!! I love a day off in the midde of the week and I love it even more when we find out about it the DAY BEFORE! I feel like a little kid! Hooray!!

On a serious note...prayers for everyone affected by the shooting over the weekend in AZ. So sad.