Muted Zebra

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Concerts & Colds

Last Saturday me and two of my girlfriends headed to Louisville for Hullabalou! We only stayed for one day of the three day concert, but that was almost enough to do us in! We saw Ben Folds, Sara Evans, Jason Alden and Kenney Chesney!

We had great seats and I have to say that Jason Aldean was my favorite! He sang his song from CMT Crossroads - "Heaven" by Bryan Adams, a Kid Rock song and at the end he came out on stage with Kenney Chesney and sang "Gimme Three Steps" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was really great. Here is a picture I took of Sara Evans...she was great too!

Here is a picture of Misty, me and Brooke at Hullabalou...

Now on to "colds"...I woke up Sunday with one. I hate summer colds! I've been living on these two things for the last two days, but they really are helping!

I'm off to make a sign for a friend and try to catch up on "Rizolli and Isles" on TNT and DC Cupcakes on TLC. Till next time!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Things

I'm sitting here with my dogs and kitty drinking a glass of red wine, watching TV, blogging and reading a magazine (not all at once of course). This is a good thing. I have been so stressed at work and honestly it's not for any good reason...more or less it's because I'm trying to learn how to work with different personality types and I'm having a REALLY hard time. I'm sure some people find it really hard to work with me too so I need to be patient. Patience is a good thing.

Speaking of good things...THE BACHELORETTE! I'm obsessed...I know. So, we knew it was going to be Chris and Roberto left. I think I'm still team Chris. I really do like Roberto and won't be disappointed if he "wins", but I really think Chris seems like a nice guy and they would be good together.

I heard she doesn't choose anyone but I really hope that is not true! I think she has been a great bachelorette though so I can't say I would be upset if there were a round 2!

Other TV shows...I have now fallen in love with "DC Cupcakes" on TLC. I love watching people bake and create really pretty and yummy things. On yesterday's episode, they made a Mardi Gras mask out of 1,000 mini cupcakes for St. Jude Hospital.

This is a really random post, but I will say that rain is a good thing...(I love that song) I'm listening to the storm outside; Dr's are a good thing...hopefully mine can call me in a prescription for my tummy; pets are a good thing...they keep me occupied when everyone else is busy; Nancy Grace is a good thing...I love to watch her every night; friends, family, work, prayer, health...these are all good things! Have a good night everyone :)


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Had To Miss The Lake This Weekend

Well, I have ended up having a pretty relaxing weeked. Friday, I left work sick (tummy ache), Saturday Matt and I went to Newport with our friends but I didn't last very long (tummy ache again), and today I'm relaxing at home and getting ready for PF Chang's for dinner and TRUEBLOOD afterwards! Thanks to my Mom and Dad's friend Lisa (who is a nurse in Huntsville, AL), I have figured out what to do to feel better! Lisa said the antibiotic I was on a couple of weeks ago killed the good bacteria in my tummy and I need to take probiotics to balance things out. I started taking probiotics yesterday afternoon and it has REALLY helped! I almost feel back to normal. Thanks Lisa! Although I'm feeling better, I am still sad that we had to miss out on the lake this weekend b/c of my tummy :(

On to other things...anyone watch the Bachelorette? I'm so excited for tomorrow nights episode!

I don't like Frank at all! Obviously if you watch the show, you know what is going to happen tomorrow night. What a jerk! So, between Roberto and Chris...I really like both of them! She has dropped lots of hints about possibly not choosing anyone...I hope that doesn't happen!

Who's it gonna be...Roberto or Chris??? No spoilers please!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Too Long

Hi Friends,

It's been way too long since I have updated by blog! I guess I have been really busy. We have had things going on basically every week and weekend (in addition to work of course). We have been to Lake Cumberland several times already this summer, have attended many concerts, kept up with our garden, hung out with friends and family and so on! Here are a few pictures from the lake (4th of July weekend).

I'm sure we will have several more lake trips before the summer is over...not to mention the houseboat trip we have booked for the first weekend in September!

This Thursday is the TOM PETTY concert and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! The last time I saw Tom Petty was about ten years ago. He came back to Cincinnati several years later but I was doing my internship in Huntsville, AL and couldn't make it to the concert. He is one of my all time favorites and I can't wait for his concert!

I hope to go see Eclipse some time today...I can't believe I've waited this long! AND, I'm super excited that TRUE BLOOD is on tonight!

Have a good week...I'll do my best to keep the posts coming :)