Muted Zebra

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Next Big Thing!

Well, I made it home from Chicago! My BFF and I decided on a whim AGAIN that we were going to take a road trip this weekend and go to Chicago. For what reason??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! We had so many people ask us what we came into town for and then look at us strangely after we said "no reason". LOL. We just thought we would take advantage of the three day weekend! The weather was perfect and we had nothing particular on our agenda which made it sooo nice! I only took TWO pictures and both were from my cell phone...shame on me. Here was our view from the man made beach Beachstro...

They had good food (Chicago style hot dogs were SOOO yummy), live music, good drinks and of course good company!

The only other picture I took was of our first satisfactory beverage :) We were in some sort of rut our first day. Everything we ordered was not what we expected! Finally we landed on this Miami Vice and it was perfect! Cheers to Memorial Day Weekend!

We HAD to make a visit to Giordanos Famous Chicago Style Pizza! If you go to Chicago and haven't been there you must work it into your next visit. We always go (we do have to wait quite a while each time but it is soooo worth the wait)! Yummo!

So the question is...what the NEXT BIG THING we will plan? lol.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and spent some time being thankful for the men and women that serve our country!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Fashion Friday...follow the leader!

Lots of other people's blogs have fashion friday and since I'm too lazy to upload pictures from my camera, I figured I would follow the leader!

I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow morning and I would love to say I did some massive shopping for my trip, but I did not and I don't really need to. However if I HAD been shopping for the occasion, here is what I would have purchased:

This top with some dark jean capris and sandals for a day of shopping:

This swimsuit for a day at the manmade beach:

And this dress for a night on the town:

I actually have a very cute dress I bought in Chicago a few months ago that I haven't worn so I will definitely be packing that!

Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer has arrived!

You can tell it's summer in Northern Kentucky when my girlfriends and I are going to concerts and having some fun at the Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club (I do realize how redneck this sounds)! Me and two of my girlfriends went to the Josh Thompson concert last night and had our meet and was lots of fun!

If you like country music, I would definitely recommend his CD!

This upcoming week is full of concerts! Jimmy Buffet tomorrow and the Country Throwdown on Friday, which I'm SUPER excited about!

I have my buffet supplies ready to go (summer dress, leis, beach coozies, etc.). I should have lots of stories and pictures once it's all said and done! That's all for now!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Meet and Greet!

You may remember how excited I was in the winter when my girlfriends and I went to Chicago and scored a meet and greet with Eric Church. WELL...his opening act at that time was Josh Thompson and we've done it again! Tonight we are going to watch Josh in concert and we scored a meet and greet! YAY. He is playing at a very small venue and he is "up and coming", but we are super excited! He sings "Beer on the Table" and "Way Out Here" if you listen to country music. Hopefully I will have lots of pictures!

Have a good Saturday!