Muted Zebra

Monday, October 17, 2011

In the mood to...

Watch a scary movie:

(I don't think I've actually ever watched this movie so I don't know if it's scary or not.)

Visit a Haunted House:

(Ok...I think I want to do this but I have to admit even posting this picture creeped me out.)

Carve (or paint) a pumpkin:

Color my hair:

(NOTE: I HATE the style of her hair in this photo...I just like the color! Maybe I should let this one go since I have dyed my hair darker 1,000 times and I always go back to a lighter version of myself.)

Travel to Salem:

(I SWEAR this WILL happen...I don't care if I have to drug (just kidding about this part) and blind fold all of my girlfriends and tell them all we are headed to Cabo...this WILL happen.)

What are you in the mood for????


Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm in need of some work related (things I can deliver to donors/media/co-workers) Halloween/Fall crafts. I'm thinking something relating to candy, tiny pumpkins (the kind you can sit on your desk), ribbon ghosts (they are so cute), etc.

All these ideas are so cute! I love Pinterest!

I'll let you know what I end up with and if they are nearly as cute!


Thursday, September 29, 2011


I think I may have found my Halloween costume this year:

(If you haven't seen the movie Hocus Pocus, you are really missing out.)

Now, I need to get two of my girlfriends to join in with me or it may not turn out just right!

I actually dressed up as this once when I was little and I LOVED it. I remember it snowed on Halloween that year...wonder if that will happen this year too???

Happy ThURsDaY!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saturday...where to go?

Hi Friends,

I would like to visit a pumpkin patch/apple orchard this weekend and I'm looking for suggestions. It can be located in the Lexingon, KY, Northern KY, or Cincinnati, OH area. A year or two ago we visited Evans Orchard and Cider Mill in Georgetown, KY (details here). It was really great. We could go there again, but I'm hoping to try something new.

Any suggestions? (Oh and it has to have all different types of pumpkins and gords like the photo above.)


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Love - Love - Love

No shocker here...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fall! With that being said, for the past few years, it has been the time of year when things start to slow down in the housing market and we are strapped for cash. It lingers throughout the entire Holiday Season...maybe this year will be different...hmmm. Anyway, maybe that's all for the best because if I could, I would fill my house with fall decorations, halloween decorations, mums galore, etc. Here is one of my favorite things I did with my house several years ago for halloween.

Isn't it cute! I think I saw the idea in a Martha Stewart magazine and I thought it was the greatest idea! It sat up on our mantel.

I'm trying to come up with some inexpensive ways to decorate for the fall and I would love any ideas!

I LOVE these yarn wreaths (sold here by Heartfelt Yarn Wreaths on Etsy):

I tried my hand at a yarn wreath a while back and I wasn't thrilled with the outcome but maybe it's time to try again!

I'm ready to pick out mums, set out decorations, burn pumpkin candles, eat cinnamon ice cream (Greaters), sit by a fire, cozy up in UGG's and sweatshirts, watch football games, and go to KEENELAND! Yay! Speaking of UGGs, I think I could use these:

(As I write this, I just got a tweet from a friend that says "Momma needs a new pair of Ugg's...LOL)

I would love to see your fall decorations!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor day has come and gone...

Well, the pools are now closed and Labor Day has once again come and gone. (Good thing we still have the lake to visit this weekend.) I can't complain though because that means it's almost time for this:

I love the Fall!

This past weekend a friend of ours got married in French Lick, IN and it was sooooo pretty there! We had a great time and already want to go back! Here's where we stayed:

This is the inside of the resort lobby. I really want to go back around Christmas time...I'm sure it would be decorated soooo pretty!

Time to finish out the work day! TTYL!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Table is Finished...

Here's how it turned out!

I'm actually really happy with it! I'll post another picture once it's in the kitchen and decorated the way I want it!

We are off to French Lick IN tomorrow for a friends wedding and will be gone until Sunday.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I guess this is progress

Happy Monday!

We got back from Nashville yesterday evening...we had a great time! The one thing I regret is not taking more than two pictures! Here's what I did manage to get...

Ha! In case you can't tell, it's Matt (my husband) planking on a snorkle lift, LOL!

We visited all the great bars on favorite is Whiskey Bent! So glad we made that random trip!

Here is the progress on my kitchen table:

My goal is to finish sanding this evening so we can get to painting! I definitely underestimated this project. Hopefully painting will be much more fun than sanding has been!

Hope you had a good weekend!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Step 1

My little project I referred to in my last post has begun! Last night Matt and I sanded the table and one of the chairs. It took a lot longer than I had anticipated (and we are not done yet).

Here is a before photo:

Here is Matt sanding the table (we are doing it in our basement which is still a bit unfinished...carpet hasn't been put in yet).

I have no idea how this project is going to turn out but hopefully the sanding will be finished tonight and I can move on to step two!


Monday, August 15, 2011


Here's a project I actually plan to accomplish (unlike the time I said I was going to paint my bathroom or re-do my office). I have a kitchen table that looks something like this:

(Yes, I know it's not very nice to look at.)

My plan is to antique it...I will be sanding it, painting it white and making it look rustic...we will see how this turns out! Photos to come...