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Monday, January 31, 2011

S A G's

Hi Ladies,

Oh how I love the awards season. I literally watch E! Fashion Police and yell at the TV and either argue with or agree with the hosts...pathetic, ha! Here's where I stand on the SAG awards.

Best Dressed:

Honorable Mention:
Only one person on E! last night liked this dress...I love it and think she looks BEAUTIFUL!

I LOVE Modern Family so this was easy, but I think she looks adorable and love the high neck! She is age appropriate and I love it!

Ok...she got torn apart (mostly) on E! last night, but I think she looks great. Such an improvement over her pink and red dress from the last awards show! about an overall improvement...she is almost always on worst dressed lists but this time she looks GREAT!

Ok...this is the highlight of the SAG Awards...hahahahah!

You can't really tell from this photo, but she actually has a wedding dress on. Seriously, it's a designer bridal gown. WHAT IN THE WORLD??? Between her black purse, her hair, her facial expression and the entire photo...she looks like a train WRECK! Hilarious!

I'm sad to say it, but this one was a worst dressed in my book as well:

I know this is a bad photo, but I wanted you to see the SEAM running up her side! Oh lordy...terrible.

I usually love her too, but I had to give her a "no-go" on this one...come on Kim:

She definitely doesn't look terrible, but it's not her usual! last thing. If you haven't seen this, go rent it right now and watch it tonight. If you like Facebook at all, it's a GREAT movie and 100% worth watching. Even more's a true story!


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