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Friday, January 14, 2011

Three Day Weekend...Yeaaahh!

Hi gals,

It's Friday! It's a three day weekend! (At least it is for me!) You know what that means...SUNDAY FUNDAY!

So I told you that we would be watching my parents dogs for the next two weeks. Here they are ALL on our bed and there is no where for Matt and I to sleep. (Please excuse the mess and the REALLY un-even curtains.)

The dogs have been good, it's just a bit small for four dogs! Ha!

So, I will be going "brunette" on Saturday...SCARY! I'm not going back to my nautral color, but I want something like this:

YES, I realize I do NOT look like Jennifer Lopez...just talking hair here people!

I'll let you know how it turns out. I tend to freak out a bit when I go dark especially in the winter because I'm soooo pale. I have been this dark:

Thats me on the left. I was several pounds lighter and thats my REAL hair color!

Nothing to worry about...right?

HaPPy FrIdAy!!!



  1. you look great with dark hair!! I think the J-lo-esque hair will look fabulous on you :)

    that dog picture..amazing..just goes to show how a tiny dog can be such a bed hog! love it!

    xoxox Happy long weekend!!

  2. Ooh can't wait to see! It is so tough going from having really light hair to closer to your natural color....just weird seeing it after a long period of time ;) It will look great though I'm sure!!