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Monday, January 10, 2011

Bachelor Monday

So I had actually forgotten that the Bachelor was on tonight because I wasn't sure I'd be too interested in watching this guy go for round two. With that being said, I'm pretty much hooked. They find the funniest, prettiest, craziest girls in the world and its down right funny. We have vampire girl (the fangs she likes to "wear" are not in this picture):

The girls who absolutley LOVES herself SOOO much and doesn't seem to have room in her HUGE head for anyone other than herself (there is no was she is in this b/c she has any interest in him what-so-ever):

The girl who is so dramatic and loves to talk about how she is too old for the drama but she seems to bring it on herself: personal favorite (is she really only 24???). How can you not like her calm personality, and her sad story about her daughter and her fiancee who passed away??

Oh how I just realized that I love this show, LOL.

Good news for my work week............Clovernook (where I work) is CLOSED tomorrow!! I love a day off in the midde of the week and I love it even more when we find out about it the DAY BEFORE! I feel like a little kid! Hooray!!

On a serious note...prayers for everyone affected by the shooting over the weekend in AZ. So sad.


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  1. Did I just clear out my comment? Grr. Miss Drama, Miss "It's My Birthday," wah wah wah...I think this one girl is kinda psycho. Honestly. Your favorite is my favorite too :)