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Friday, April 30, 2010

Blind Luck!

Another day of resting at home and reading magazines, blogs, looking on-line and watching TV. I received lots of text messages from my friends who were at the KY is one that I thought was so cute!

It's the program from the Oaks! Isn't it so cute!? They really do make it "ladies first". I hope the girls had a great time. I asked Brooke to make a bet for me. I bet on Blind Luck to win and she did! She was the favorite, but when I looked up all the horses that were running, I decided on her immediately. I figure since I work for a center for the blind it would only be appropriate for me to bet on Blind Luck! Congratulations to her! (SIDE NOTE: I've been hearing lots of things on the news about abuse and slaughtering of retired racehorses and I sure hope none of its true.)

As I write this, Matt is in the basement grouting the tile. Here are a few of our latest basement photos: (NOTE: the tiles dirty from being grouted so it will look much more clean once it's dry and washed!)

We have our cabinets sitting downstairs and I think they are going to look great! I'm going to wait to show pictures of those until they are set.

Hope everyone has a great weekend...I'll be working on getting better!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Figured It Out . . .

As you already know...I have had this darn fever since Sunday and have not been able to kick it! I thought I was on the mend yesterday, only to start feeling yucky again in the evening. I took my temperature and sure enough it was back up and I was beginning to have some slight pain in my left rib area. My Mom drove me all around town this morning...we went to my Dr's office and picked up prescriptions, went and had my blood work done and then went to St. Elizabeth so I could get a chest X Ray. Well, sure enough the Dr. called soon after we got home and said I have pneumonia in my left lung. Now we know why I couldn't get my fever to go away! I have antibiotics to take, I need to get plenty of rest and keep my fever under control. Now I have to pray that the medicine does it's job and I start to feel better as soon as possible!

Although I'm very happy to know whats going on...this little diagnosis has completely nixed my plans for the KY Oaks and Derby festivities. I will not be leaving for Louisville tonight and of course will not be wearing my hat and watching the fantastic races with my girlfriends.
I am happy they will get to go and hope they take lots of pictures in their pretty dresses and hats. Maybe I will watch the races on TV, wear my hat and make myself a glass of cranberry juice to feel like I'm right there with them, LOL! One day I will get over missing this event that I have been so super excited about. Maybe next year we will get actual seats to the that would make me feel better, lol.

On to other things. Now I have to hope I'm feeling better before my sister-in-laws graduation party takes place! It's being held at our house one week from Saturday and I have lots to do to make it happen. Lauren graduated from Northern Kentucky University a few months ago but wanted to wait until the Spring to have her party.

I hope it's nice weather so we can set lots of things up outside in our backyard!

I'm seeing a vacation in my future...once I feel better and can find some time to take off work! My parents are leaving for San Francisco one week from today and that sounds fantastic! I have been there once before but I was relatively young and don't remember much aside from Alcatraz and homeless people sleeping in the park (oh and rats...lots of rats). I would love to go back someday...who am I kidding...I would love to go anywhere!

For those of you who are participating in this big KY DERBY weekend, I hope you have a great time!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Sick :(

Here I still sit feeling yucky and doing absolutely nothing. I went to the Dr. today and he said the best medicine for what I have is NO medicine. I have had a fever since yesterday and have been feeling like crap since Saturday. I do have to take Tylenol which makes me sweat like crazy (trying to control my fever), but other than that I have been instructed to lay around, drink fluids and stay home until I have been without a fever for 24 hours. That means no work for me tomorrow either. Once again, my point to all this is that I bragged all day on Friday about winning Carrie Underwood tickets on the radio and the concert was Sunday night meaning I didn't get to go because I'm sick. BOO! TEARS! I am blessed in so many ways, but I have to insert a comment about how it would be my luck to win something (I never win), and then get sick and not be able to enjoy my winnings!

Enough of my pity party. On to the KY Oaks! It's this Friday and I'm going to continue to be excited and just pray that I feel well enough to leave for Louisville on Thursday night after work. I still believe that one day I will make it to the Derby, but for now I think the Oaks is a GREAT compromise!

The Oaks has a ladies theme and pink is the event color. UNFORTUNATELY, I have nothing pink! I didn't think that out too well when I planned my ensemble. I'm going to have to come up with something pink to add to my wardrobe for the day! Here is the dress I'm wearing and the shoes I bought on Saturday.(The pictures do not do it justice!)

I also bought some fun jewelry and will of course have on my hat! Now...lets just hope I feel good enough to make it there!

Have a good Monday night...I'll be watching Dancing with the Stars. GO OCHO CINCO!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday in Union

It has rained nearly all day today. I'm starting not to feel well and just hoping it's very temporary (I have the Carrie Underwood concert tomorrow and a baby shower). Before I started feeling yucky, I went to a Kaidon Fohl's 1st birthday party. She was adorable! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures! Afterwards I did some shopping in preparation for the KY Oaks (you are probably thinking what in the world could I have left to buy)! I bought some new but comfy shoes and some jewelry. Point to my story...while I was out my two lovely dogs (Zadeh and Rupp) decided to get into some trouble while Matt was downstairs laying tile.

How could these two ever do anything bad?? Lets not mention Zadeh's THREE surgeries due to eating various metal objects. Anyway, Matt decided to put them outside (in the rain), but block them on the deck so they wouldn't get all muddy in the backyard). I guess they loved every minute of it and here's the evidence...

This is what is left of the rug we had on the deck. Oh these Goldendoodles!

On to things that are being created and not demolished. Here is a picture of the downstairs bathroom (shower) now that it has been tiled.

Here is Matt tiling the bar/living area (and adding a fancy border where the bar stools will be).

He suggested I take a picture for my blog...I'm starting to think he might actually read it, LOL.

Hope you all have a great Saturday night...I'll be resting up!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mary Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

I have such exciting news (well for me anyway)! We are growing a garden! Thanks to our friends/neighbors (who have family close by with lots of land). We got some things planted...actually I watched more than I planted, but at least I was there for support! Here are a couple of pictures...

We planted broccoli, cauliflower, peas, lettuce and onions. Once it gets a bit warmer we will do tomatoes, peppers, etc. I have always wanted a garden so I really hope this is a success!

Last weekend me and two of my girlfriends went to Keeneland again! This time we got a bench and did some betting. We did win a few races (but also lost a few). All in all we had a great time!

On Sunday, Matt and I bought tile for our basement (the never-ending project) and also bought some curtains for our bedroom and a new vacuum! (No, I did not get the Dyson I have always's just too expensive), but I did get a Hoover Pet Cyclone. So far I love it and its kind of gross the amount of "stuff" it picks up! Here is a sneak peek at our tile selections.

This one will be the kitchen floor and a small "living area" with a little pub style table.

This one is for the bathroom:

Lots to do...have a good week!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekend YET?

Had such a good time last weekend and an exciting week so far! We had our day at Keeneland and had a bit too much fun. I might try to go back again on Saturday so I can actually sit down and enjoy the races...its so hard to do that when it's so nice out, you run into so many people and you are busy enjoying time with your friends. Here are a few photos...

Last night my friend and I had free tickets to go see Mary Poppins on Broadway.

We had a really good time despite the fact that the show was soooo long. To be truthful, we left at intermission because the first act was an hour and a half long and the second act appeared to be a re-cap of all the same songs! We had a good time though and that's all that matters! I have no idea how kids could sit through a show that long though.

Tomorrow is "Dining in the Dark" and I can't wait until it's over! I'm sure it will be a great night, but it's tiring and I'm ready to begin spending my time focusing on other things. I'm just going to continue looking forward to the weekend when I can concentrate on things other than work!

Have a good rest of the week.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Keeneland & Work

I'll start with work. One week from today is Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired's (my employer)fourth annual event "Dining in the Dark". It's a dinner event in which guests experience having dinner in a very dimly lit setting (with sunglasses on because we can't make the room pitch black) and they get to experience what life might be like with a visual impairment. Lots of work goes into an event like this (and I know because I'm the person assigned to it). Sooo many friends, colleagues, and even strangers have helped out with this event by donating items for our silent auction, donating money, offering to volunteer, etc. It's so nice to have so much support! I must admit though...I'm looking forward to next Friday when I can say the event is wrapped up for 2010!!

On to personal fun! Matt and I along with many of our friends will be going to Keeneland on Saturday! I can't wait. I love Keeneland and enjoy going as much as possible when it's open (in April and October). We have a large group of people going with us and we will be leaving our house at 8:30a.m. to head down to Lexington.

I can't wait to be on the horse farm, eating good food, drinking good drinks and all in good company (not to mention getting in a few bets)!