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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wigging Out

This weekend was quite the fun one! About 17 girls were in Chicago for a bachelorette party! I must say Wicked was better the second time and I really enjoyed it. Three of us decided to leave early in the morning on Friday to get to Chicago and enjoy our time there. We went here...MY FAVORITE PIZZA!

Then we went shopping on Michigan Avenue.

We got ready for Wicked then went to the show (here are some of the girls)

Most of the girls went home after the show but not me of course (yikes)! We went to some hotel bar and had some girl time. It was great meeting new friends...not to mention the hilarious experience we had at Subway where I decided to order a falafale sub sandwich....HA!

The next day we had brunch at a WONDERFUL place but I forget the name of it...ha! I think maybe it was Grand Lux??? Here was my breakfast:

FUZZY Picture...taken from my cell phone.
We went wig shopping afterwards. I brought a black wig but after I saw everyone else's, that was NOT going to do the trick! Here was what I looked like that evening...

Ha! It was pretty embarassing, but really fun at the same time! All 17 girls had crazy wigs on.

So here's the worst part. My camera was dead the ENTIRE time so I have zero pictures. I really hope I get some from the Bachelorette's mom since she took great photos!


I'm so glad it's already Wednesday! My BFF's birthday is tomorrow and I can't wait to celebrate her last year in her 20's ;-)

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  1. I have never been to Chicago! I love your pictures and it def. makes me want to go!!