Muted Zebra

Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I suppose I will be getting up at 5:00 a.m. to watch this:

I haven't thought much about it until today, but I really think I HAVE to tune it! It better be all it's cracked up to be, lol.

My new best friends as I diet are all of the following:

Hope all this healthy eating pays off. More later!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No part 2 but a good weekend!

Well...I had thought there may be a part two to Keeneland, but this darn RAIN is putting a serious damper on EVERYTHING! Matt and I got dressed, packed a cooler, stoped at the bank, picked up some Malibu and headed for Lexington on Saturday. Then it started visibility, black skys, drivers pulled over, etc. So we decided to turn around and head home...BOO! Go figure, my friends who did make it to Lexington said it rained for a total of 20 minutes there. Oh well...even though it didn't rain it was definitely not a nice day :(

On with the weekend. Friday evening we participated in this Amazing Race Egg hunt thing...

If you can't tell...we were Charlies Angels and Matt was Charlie, ha! I think he was less than thrilled to be stuck on a team with three girls! Here are the "angels":

Melinda (center) had to wear an egg around her neck the whole time as part of the "race" and I love where it hung in this picture...LOL! Looks hilarious.

Here is Charlie and two of his angels working hard:

We had to answer riddles, check in, order two drinks at every establishment (ha), complete tasks at every stop and make it back to our original check-in in three hours. We were the SLOWEST TEAM. Literally we arrived about 45 minutes after everyone else did HA! Although, it wasn't our fault. CHARLIE lost his wallet so we back tracked to almost every stop and we NEVER FOUND IT :( So, we spent the evening cancelling credit cards, etc. Lesson learned for Charlie who fidgets with his wallet ALL THE TIME! Oh and it poured down rain through most of this (of course).

After our Keeneland plans were thwarted on Saturday, Matt and I went downtown to Paliminos for dinner and I ordered this:

A lavender martini...YUMMY! (Not good for the WW points though, ha!)

Sunday was Easter of course and we got to see these little guys:

Matt and I even got to hide the eggs for the stuff!

All in all a good weekend. Hope yours was too!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hi ladies (and gentleman but I really doubt there are any reading this),

OMG I am sooo tired today. It rained like CRAZY last night. We had some SERIOUS hail around 4:30 with severe thunderstorms. Matt likes to open the window so I woke up feeling like lightning was coming through our window. It's still raining really hard now and is supposed to all day BOO! This would be the perfect day to be at home!!

So I mentioned in my last post that I joined Weight Watchers. Well this is true! A friend/co-worker joined before me and it was really motivating! Now four of us at work are on the plan and we are rotating bringing in healthy food. You guys might think I'm crazy since I'm 27 and not really over weight, but you know how it feels to be a little thicker than usual, HA! Here is what I was tempted with at work yesterday (this is basically a daily thing):

Fudge from South Carolina

Brownies made by one of my favorite people at work who is a great baker!

The famous Neiman Marcus cookies made by my boss (also a great baker).

Fruit pizza - ok I made this (for my boss's 50th birthday)...although it has fruit on it it's still a COOKIE with Cream cheese and powdered sugar!

This is no joke...this is what sat around ALL day at work yesterday! I love having the option of eating all these goodies, but it's making my pants a bit tight, LOL!

SO, I made weight watchers lasagna on Sunday and it was SOOOO good. I'm really hoping this plan works out (for at least a month or two) until I get back to "normal". If anyone is looking for a way to loose a few I would really recommend it!!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keeneland - Part 1 (there could be a part 2)

Good morning gals,

Well we made it through Keeneland yesterday. The weather was the absolute worst it has ever been. It was freezing, windy, no sunshine, rainy, etc! BUT we made the best of it. Here's what we did:

Warmed up by a mini fire. Does not look like Spring Keeneland!

Here's some of the girls on the bus:

Our friend paid a keeneland employee $20 for his outfit...yikes!

All in all we had a good time. If the weather cooperates we will be going back on Saturday.

Now off to enjoy my last day b/f the work week begins!

P.S. I joined weight watchers today LOL we will see how this goes!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hi lovelys,

It's a bit chilly in my office today and as I look down at my feet (thinking that will warm me up for some reason), I realized how OBSESSEd I am with these:

Thats right...I broke down and bought them when we were in Naples las month and I am SOOO glad I did. I love them! I can't wait to invest in my next pair of Tory Burch shoes!

I'm reading this book right now (well not at this very moment of course):

It's getting really good and it's one of those days where I would love to be on my couch reading!!

This weekend is Keeneland and I'm really crossing my fingers that the weather turns out...the forecast for now is rainy, windy and a high of 62 (but it will feel much cooler than that). We will have fun either way!

I'm craving this for dinner but I know I shouldn't have it!


Happy Wednesday :)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sorry I was sleep-talking

Good morning,

It's Tuesday...I am finally back to working from home one day a week (when I can squeeze it in), so how could I resist blogging?

I have my work laid out all over the place, laundry running, dogs sleeping, fire going (b/c Matt opened the windows and it's now 50 degrees in here), and my coffee:

The championship game was on last night and I stayed up until half time when Butler was up by 3. I shot out of bed at 12:30 realizing that I HAD to know who won. I woke Matt up and asked "SO...who won the game??" he appears to be awake enough to know what he's talking about and he says "BULTER!" I say "SWEET!" and go back to bed. Well sure enough I start checking my emails this morning and one of the first one's I open up is this:

UGH! As you can imagine I yell for Matt and ask him why in the world he told me Butler won! His response...."I was sleep-talking...I was dreaming..." BUMMER! Man the Wildcats would have looked good on that Tervis Tumbler and I proudly would have ordered it to sip out of while tailgating at Keeneland.

Speaking of Keeneland, I will be there in 11 days! Hooray...I love keeneland. AND I bought a really cute Jessica Simpson dress to wear (which I can't find on her website to show you), so now I have to find fun colorful shoes!

Well that was a fun break...BACK TO WORK.