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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thus far...

Here is where I stand so far on my "New Years Resolutions" (BTW, I am being interrupted right now by one of those TERRIBLE SPCA commercials...this one is a new one with a song that says "what do I gotta do to make you love me"...SO SAD). Ok I'm we go:

1) Take better quality pictures...may have something to do with my camera, but I know I can do better :) Ok, I'm not too worried about this one b/c nothing has been picture worthy in the last few days. (I guess I shouldn't say that though b/c one of my favorite blogs is a woman who takes pictures of EVERYTHING.)

2) Go to the gym! (I realize everyone says this, but I have been unusually bad this past year.) I HAVE NOT BEEN TO THE GYM AT ALL...I did join on Monday, but haven't been yet. Actually, I wore my sports bra under my work clothes today to inspire me and I STILL didn't make it, HA!

3) SAVE FOR HAWAII!!!!!!!! (Lala's wedding will be here before we know it.)I'm just gonna say N/A until my next paycheck arrives in a week.

4) Take an unplanned road trip (I did this in 2010 several times so I don't think it will be a problem). Not enough time to accomplish this yet and I did have an opportunity to go on a "random" road trip this weekend and did not "seize the day". See #6 for more info.

5) Make better food choices (less french fries and more apple dippers)! I think I have been a bit better this week (except for today...I didn't have fries, but I didn't make the best choices either).

6) Be a better friend and wife (not that I'm bad, but we can always be better). Ok so, the road trip thing kind of split this resolution in half. Long story, but my hubby wasn't really feeling it for multiple reasons so for once I listened to his reasons and agreed to stay home. With that being said, I MAY have made my friends less than happy by not going with the flow like I usually do...I guess this one is a scratch.

7) Watch more movies (I love once I have finished a good one, but have a problem making myself do it)! Hmm...I did not see Black Swan last weekend like I vowed I would, but we did watch a couple of rentals so I guess I actually have done this!

8) Read more books! FAIL...I'm loving the book I'm reading now, but just don't take the time to sit down and read it (without fallign asleep...maybe I'll do that tonight)!

I need to get my head in the game! Maybe if I had this guy breathing down my neck I would start doing some of these things...

Tomorrow is's kind of been a long week! Matt and I will have my parents dogs at our house (along with our two and our kitty) for the next two weeks so I'm sure I will have some amusing photos documenting the adventure!

Oh one more thing. I sure do wish I could stay up long enough to catch this (although I should NOT admit it)...




  1. I'm so excited for Jersey Shore! I hope its better than last season since they will actually be at the shore this time.

  2. new follower! :) Love your blog hun!

    jersey shore was amazing! hope you DVR'd it..though I'm sure MTV will replay it about 500 times this week..good stuff tho lotsa DRAMA!

    looking forward to reading more!

    xoxox Stop by!

  3. Ummm...I too have yet to accomplish a single thing on my list! I have not taken ANY pictures, have not been to the gym or worked out, so yeahhh. Good luck going forward! (to both of us hehe)