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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday in Union

It has rained nearly all day today. I'm starting not to feel well and just hoping it's very temporary (I have the Carrie Underwood concert tomorrow and a baby shower). Before I started feeling yucky, I went to a Kaidon Fohl's 1st birthday party. She was adorable! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures! Afterwards I did some shopping in preparation for the KY Oaks (you are probably thinking what in the world could I have left to buy)! I bought some new but comfy shoes and some jewelry. Point to my story...while I was out my two lovely dogs (Zadeh and Rupp) decided to get into some trouble while Matt was downstairs laying tile.

How could these two ever do anything bad?? Lets not mention Zadeh's THREE surgeries due to eating various metal objects. Anyway, Matt decided to put them outside (in the rain), but block them on the deck so they wouldn't get all muddy in the backyard). I guess they loved every minute of it and here's the evidence...

This is what is left of the rug we had on the deck. Oh these Goldendoodles!

On to things that are being created and not demolished. Here is a picture of the downstairs bathroom (shower) now that it has been tiled.

Here is Matt tiling the bar/living area (and adding a fancy border where the bar stools will be).

He suggested I take a picture for my blog...I'm starting to think he might actually read it, LOL.

Hope you all have a great Saturday night...I'll be resting up!



  1. That is some good looking tile work. They did a number on that rug! My dogs (well, one of them) are constantly getting into trouble too. Her favorite things to tear up are underwear, pantyhose and flip flops.

  2. Hi Jill,

    Thanks! My hubby is a good one! I can honestly say that my dogs don't favor any of those items, lol (my moms dogs LOVE underwear though)...I better knock on wood. I feel like I'm in for it now!

  3. He is probably just excited that he was in the picture and got his face on the blog!! haha It's looking fabolous, I can't wait to move in!!!!! Love you!

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