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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Figured It Out . . .

As you already know...I have had this darn fever since Sunday and have not been able to kick it! I thought I was on the mend yesterday, only to start feeling yucky again in the evening. I took my temperature and sure enough it was back up and I was beginning to have some slight pain in my left rib area. My Mom drove me all around town this morning...we went to my Dr's office and picked up prescriptions, went and had my blood work done and then went to St. Elizabeth so I could get a chest X Ray. Well, sure enough the Dr. called soon after we got home and said I have pneumonia in my left lung. Now we know why I couldn't get my fever to go away! I have antibiotics to take, I need to get plenty of rest and keep my fever under control. Now I have to pray that the medicine does it's job and I start to feel better as soon as possible!

Although I'm very happy to know whats going on...this little diagnosis has completely nixed my plans for the KY Oaks and Derby festivities. I will not be leaving for Louisville tonight and of course will not be wearing my hat and watching the fantastic races with my girlfriends.
I am happy they will get to go and hope they take lots of pictures in their pretty dresses and hats. Maybe I will watch the races on TV, wear my hat and make myself a glass of cranberry juice to feel like I'm right there with them, LOL! One day I will get over missing this event that I have been so super excited about. Maybe next year we will get actual seats to the that would make me feel better, lol.

On to other things. Now I have to hope I'm feeling better before my sister-in-laws graduation party takes place! It's being held at our house one week from Saturday and I have lots to do to make it happen. Lauren graduated from Northern Kentucky University a few months ago but wanted to wait until the Spring to have her party.

I hope it's nice weather so we can set lots of things up outside in our backyard!

I'm seeing a vacation in my future...once I feel better and can find some time to take off work! My parents are leaving for San Francisco one week from today and that sounds fantastic! I have been there once before but I was relatively young and don't remember much aside from Alcatraz and homeless people sleeping in the park (oh and rats...lots of rats). I would love to go back someday...who am I kidding...I would love to go anywhere!

For those of you who are participating in this big KY DERBY weekend, I hope you have a great time!


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