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Friday, April 30, 2010

Blind Luck!

Another day of resting at home and reading magazines, blogs, looking on-line and watching TV. I received lots of text messages from my friends who were at the KY is one that I thought was so cute!

It's the program from the Oaks! Isn't it so cute!? They really do make it "ladies first". I hope the girls had a great time. I asked Brooke to make a bet for me. I bet on Blind Luck to win and she did! She was the favorite, but when I looked up all the horses that were running, I decided on her immediately. I figure since I work for a center for the blind it would only be appropriate for me to bet on Blind Luck! Congratulations to her! (SIDE NOTE: I've been hearing lots of things on the news about abuse and slaughtering of retired racehorses and I sure hope none of its true.)

As I write this, Matt is in the basement grouting the tile. Here are a few of our latest basement photos: (NOTE: the tiles dirty from being grouted so it will look much more clean once it's dry and washed!)

We have our cabinets sitting downstairs and I think they are going to look great! I'm going to wait to show pictures of those until they are set.

Hope everyone has a great weekend...I'll be working on getting better!


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  1. That tile looks great! To do that all on his own is talent. What a cute program from the's pink. What's not to love? :) I hope you feel better!