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Sunday, February 14, 2010

New office, basement and nephew!

It's been an exciting weekend! When we had our snow day last week, Matt and I spent the day finishing our home office and this weekend we have gotten to sit down and enjoy it.

I think it's perfect!

The most exciting part of our weekend took place Friday morning. Long story short, we went to St. Elizabeth to meet our new niece (my sister in-law had a scheduled C-Section), and we ended up meeting our new NEPHEW instead! It was a great surprise. My sister in-law found out that it was a boy a few weeks prior to her C-section, but she decided to surprise the family. Her first ultra-sound tech made a mistake and said it was a girl...oops! It was the tech's 21st mistake in 31 years (doing hundreds of ultrasounds a year)! Here is baby Connor James!! (So much for the wooden letter "G" I made in pink and green, and the handmade hat I ordered...oh well, lol!

On Saturday we hung out with our niece Sophie (who is now big sister to baby Connor) and my other sister-in-law, Lauren. We had fun making a build-a-bear for Sophies new brother, eating dip-n-dots, shopping a bit, and hanging out at our house with Rupp and Zadeh.

Here is Sophie and Lauren on the carousel at the mall.

Our basement should be getting dry wall today! Pictures to come!



  1. I just found your blog tonight and it is too cute! Love the office and congrats on your new nephew!

  2. I saw in the pic of your offce your UK wine cork board. Did you make it yourself? Just curious b/c I 20 corks shy of starting to make one. I would love to know how you made yours (if you did)!