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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If money were no object

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE to shop! If I'm having a bad day, a boring day, a good day (or really any day at all), I like to think about the fun things I would buy if money were no object! Lets see...

I would buy each of my family members a Dyson vacuum cleaner because WHY NOT? Everyone vacuum's! My parents probably love this statement because 1) Matt and I don't even own a vacuum of our own...we "borrowed" my parents when we moved into our house three years ago and have yet to give it back 2) I wasn't exactly a clean child when I was living with them...I think my carpet had to be replaced when I moved out 3) I have never used a Dyson in my life, LOL.

I would buy all my girlfriends a pretty cardigan (like the one shown) and a pair of Tory Burch flats. We all work and could wear these two items at work, home, or to go out! Funny note: I don't own Tory Burch flats either! LOL, I will one day but haven't made the investment yet.

I would buy my husband some kind of tool or gift card to Home Depot. He can't get enough of that place! He loves fixing things up, and using his workbench in the basement.

Finally...I would buy myself this dress for vacation by my favorite designer Diane Von Furstenberg and a bracelet (David Yurman of course)!

Good thing money doesn't grow on trees at my house...or I would be spending lots of it! Happy shopping!


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  1. Jess, So.... Let me make sure I have this. If money were no object, you would buy mom and I a vaccuum cleaner to replace the one you stole 3 years ago.....

    We need to have a long talk. :-)