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Sunday, February 21, 2010

MeEt - N - gReeT!!!!

Well...I'm back from Chicago! It was quite the experience. The concert was Thursday night and as I told my friends "I'm not being dramatic, but it was the best night ever"!!! We went to Joe's bar on Weed Street for the concert and arrived to Meet-n-Greet passes! Here is a picture of me with Eric Church...

When I walked up to him he said "I like your boots" and of course I had to respond with "well I like your song THESE BOOTS", lol. After we all got individual pictures with him, we were off to the concert! Here is a picture of us during the concert (taken by one of his guitar players while they were in the middle of a song)!

After they were done playing, we went upstairs to the "VIP" area and hung around talking to people. After about 30 minutes, up walks Eric Church! We still weren't sure at this point if he was going to talk to anyone, or if he wanted to be left alone. Luckily, he was willing to talk and was SUPER nice. One of my more embarrassing moments was talking to him for about 30 minutes about Kentucky basketball. Good thing he seemed to be enjoying the conversation! I told him that when he comes to Riverbend in May we were going to bring him a UK T-shirt and he agreed to wear it, lol. We will see if that really happens. Here is a picture of him signing my boots and Brooke's boots!!!!! (It was only appropriate considering one of our favorite songs is of course THESE BOOTS!)

Finally, here is a picture of me and Jill with Eric Church and his manager after the concert. WHAT A PERFECT NIGHT!

We spent most of the day Friday shopping and eating Chicago style pizza. We had such a great time. Unfortunately, two of my girlfriends ended up with food poisoning and were sick all day on Saturday (we had a very rough drive home). I still think we all had a wonderful weekend all-in-all! Hope you had a good one too!


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