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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Modern Fam

Did anyone watch Modern Family last night? First, if you don't watch this show, you are seriously missing is so funny...I love every single character! Anywhoo, the show last night was Matt and I. HA!

Here, Claire is talking to her Dad about a huge fight she and her husband got into. She is explaining how mad she is that Phil (her hubby) is now in love with wedge salads b/c some guy at his work recommended that he try them. She is SOOOO mad b/c she has been trying to get Phil to have a wedge salad for MANY years and he has always that a friend of his talked him into it he loves it! Ha! That is sooo Matt and I.

I love to tell Matt to try certain foods/drinks like:

(This is pizza with something on it other than pepperoni and sausage.)

You get the point. Matt always says "Eeew that looks thanks!" But it never fails...if a friend suggests it (or really anyone other than me), he will try it, love it, and come home claiming he has found the best new meal and I HAVE to try it...HA!

That's why I love Modern's so relate-able :)

Planning is under way for Matt's 30th/80's party this to come!


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