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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well, we've made it to Tuesday afternoon. I got back from Nashville Sunday evening and attempted to sit through the Grammy's (although my favorite part is the red carpet). Last night Matt and I and two of our friends went to Prima Vista for dinner...Yummy! After wards, I watched one of my favorite shows...E! Fashion Police. I nearly disagreed with them 100% this time around. Not that my opinion matters, but here were my thoughts:
TERRIBLE (although her performance was amazing and so was the dress she wore during it)

TERRIBLE - what in the world are these pants??? If you saw him introduce one of the bands you would have wet yourself...awful.

Beautiful...I lover her and thought she looked sooooo beautiful! Everyone on E! ripped her apart.

Beautiful...although it could use a few additional inches in length.

Oh lordy...what to even say about this...I loved the entrance and all the buzz it created, but I was SOOOOO disappointed with her HATCH! I was expecting all kinds of goo, noises, cracking, emerging, etc! Ha...she basically stepped out of it and put a sponge on her disappointing!

That's all I got. I was actually very discouraged by the fashion at this years Grammys...I was expecting so much more! Can't wait until the Oscars! Seriously. I'm upset b/c I missed the Bachelor last night so I'll have to read up online to see what happened.

Chat soon!


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