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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weekend excitement!!

It's Thursday afternoon and I'm yearning for the weekend! We don't have plans Friday night, but I kind of want to go see the new movie about Facebook (Social Network???) even though I'm not much of a movie person. Saturday I would love to go shopping, but I have to watch spending these days (who doesn't???). On to the good stuff though, Saturday night my girl friends and I are going to Dayton for the Eric Church / Miranda Lambert concert! YAY! Two of my FAV's!

I can't wait to hear "These Boots" by Mr. Church and "Time to get a Gun" by Ms. Lambert, HA! I sound like a redneck! LOL.

Sunday is of course the Bengals game! I love my season tickets! We were all disappointed last week when the Bengals lost to the BROWNS, UGH! Hopefully we are in for some fun on Sunday!

I will of course be sporting my T.O. jersey courtesy of my good friends (and neighbors) Jen and Eric...perfect birthday gift!



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  1. So I guess you were there for the disappointing loss? What is it with Cincinnati teams lately?!

    Did you wear your T.O. jersey? I saw he tweeted that he was going to give away a signed football to someone who was wearing his jersey at the game.