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Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Decorating Contest


I came down with a cold yesterday and it has made me feel yucky of course, but I'm pushing thru. I'm working, playing, and STILL going to Keeneland! Are you surprised???

This week at work we had a pumpkin decorating/carving contest (the first of many to come). It was a huge HIT. Our employees BLIND AND SIGHTED ALIKE loved it! Everyone was so competitive and we had a great time. Here were the winners (of course EVERY pumpkin got some kind of award or honorable mention)!

1st Place...The "Naked" Pumpkin

2nd Place...Adorable pumpkin created by our Braille Transcription Dept!

3rd Place...The Pumpkin Eating Pumpkin!

Here are a few pictures of our employees enjoying themselves sipping on hot apple cider and sharing their lunch with the company of friends/co-workers.

And my personal favorite...our sweet receptionist experiencing the inside(s) of a pumpkin for the first time in her life...can you tell she loves it????

Happy pumpkin decorating season...have a great weekend friends.


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  1. What fun! I wish I had thought of this for my workplace!! We did this at my old job and of course it was always fun! I love the naked cowboy pumpkin :)