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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Decorations (not mine)

I decided I would post some of my Mom's beautiful fall decorations! She does a great job every year of decorating...wait until I post Christmas pictures! I was going to take pictures of the VERY few decorations I have up this year, but I had an EXTREMELY ugly encounter with a HUGE black spider when I went outside to take a picture of my mums, pumpkins and outdoor wreath. I am terrified of spiders and this one had me freaking out for at least 30 minutes, ha! It's best to just say there are mums all over my front porch and a broom still laying there because I'm too scared to go outside and get it!! LOL.

Here are pics from Mom and Dad's house (sorry Dad, I can't give you credit for the decorating)!!

Lots of pictures! One of these years I will have enough money, time and space to put up decorations like these (hopefully, ha)!

HaPPy FaLl Y'aLL!


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  1. Your mom's decor is gorgeous!! Looks like it came right out of a magazine! Is she a decorator, or just have really sharp taste? I'd hire her in a minute :)