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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One of those

It's Tuesday and it's been one of those days (or weeks I suppose).

Yesterday after work I decided I needed to get some things accomplished around the house (no...I have not yet attempted to re-paint my bathroom). I spraypainted our outdoor furniture, cleaned up the house, put away laundry, sorted HUGE piles of dirty laundry and threw a load see where this is going don't you?

Here is when the washer decided to break down.

Yes, after the water had filled completely to the top and all the clothes were drenched. I could have been much worse and leaked water out all over my house or something (like happened to my poor frieneighbors - friends/neighbors). But, it seemed pretty bad and I had a breakdown by the time it was all said and done.

Basically, I had a big load in that had to be completely rung out (which I don't seem strong enough to be able to do). I loaded all the drenched clothing into a laundry basket which I couldn't lift by the time all the wet laundry was loaded into it. Then I scooped all the water into buckets (which I also couldn't lift once I filled with water), hung the clothes out on the back deck (REDNECK) and ended up with water all over the house. Meanwhile, Matt (who was supposed to be helping) decided to walk down to the neighbors house to return a power washer and decided to play a nice game of basketball. Long story short, it did not make a good evening for him once he got home and I was in the middle of a breakdown. We may be burying the washer this evening.

Today has started as an okay day at work but the corporate drama and "politics" has creeped in. I need to re-group and focus on the reasons I love my job...

I love this picture. It's a 2nd grade class feeling a braille book I brought in for them. They loved it. They even asked questions like "how do blind people know when they are hungry?"..."how do blind people know when it's time to wake up or time to go to sleep if they eyes are always dark?"...and my favorite..."if two people are blind and deaf and neither one of them have hands, how do they talk to each other?"...ha! Ok, they got me on that one b/c I have no idea! A good reminder of why I do what I do.

Off to make this a better day! I'm thinking I'll put on Britney's new CD ;)


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