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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thankful for...

I'm not gonna lie...the last several months have been a bit rough. My hubby rehabs houses for a living (and does a great job), but unfortunately nothing has sold in QUITE A WHILE! Showings have picked up recently, but still no luck. I hate feeling guilty about every penny spent (whether it be on groceries or cocktails with a girlfriend) and I hate it even more that it's Christmas and I'm not able to do my usual shopping and giving. It's such a bad feeling to have to rely on anyone other than yourself to get by. I do realize that things could be much worse and I need to be thankful for the good things and keep praying that things turn around when they are meant to turn around. Here are the good things...




AND the sweet people at my work...they need more than I can imagine.

My boss for allowing me to learn so much and the new opportunity of managing a team! (Me, my boss and our new employee Alison)




Sure doesn't seem like I have much to complain about does it???????? Hmmm, lesson learned :)


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