Muted Zebra

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mini for me!

This year is a tough one. LOTS of things going on and Matt and I are running on a tight budget! Luckily, Mom and Dad let us borrow a mini Christmas tree so we don't have to go out and buy a real one this year.

Works for me!

I have been crafting a bit lately and thanks to a post on Lemon Tree Creations blog, I modified an idea of theirs a bit and made this little elf!

Love it!

Here is our fireplace this year. Also modified a bit, but it does the trick!

One thing we did have to splurge on was a haircut for Zadeh and Rupp! I will see their new "do's" this evening when I get home! I love this picture, but they are SOOOO shaggy!

It's Cyber Monday...hope you all are scoring some great deals...I have resisted! Happy Monday!



  1. Love your doggies names! And I love your sign that you made AND your fireplace is decorated sooo cute!!

  2. Your decorations are so cute!! :) You're so crafty. I want to make a wreath I saved from someone off Twitter...I might give it a whirl (you know, instead of cleaning, cooking, gift wrapping, etc) haha