Muted Zebra

Thursday, September 23, 2010

At the office....

As I look at the pictures I snapped of my office, I realize how severely unorganized this post is going to make me look, ha! I recently got a promotion at work and although my new responsibilities aren't supposed to start until October 11th, I have already found myself SWAMPED! Here are a few photos of the current state of my office (yikes)...

Time to get back to work and possibly clear some of this stuff off my desk! HELP, LOL!

Happy Thursday!



  1. SO good to find another Bluegrass girl!! :) Your blog AND office is sooo cute! :)
    Loving the mouse pad!!

  2. Ok, your desk is not that bad!! Please feel better after you look at this disaster:
    It's been a few months, but my desk basically looks like that again! How embarrassing.

  3. Hi Jessica...Glad you found me...I'll have to follow you too!

    Jill...YOU are right...I do feel better, lol. Mine would look like that but I don't have the space that you have, ha!