Muted Zebra

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer has arrived!

You can tell it's summer in Northern Kentucky when my girlfriends and I are going to concerts and having some fun at the Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club (I do realize how redneck this sounds)! Me and two of my girlfriends went to the Josh Thompson concert last night and had our meet and was lots of fun!

If you like country music, I would definitely recommend his CD!

This upcoming week is full of concerts! Jimmy Buffet tomorrow and the Country Throwdown on Friday, which I'm SUPER excited about!

I have my buffet supplies ready to go (summer dress, leis, beach coozies, etc.). I should have lots of stories and pictures once it's all said and done! That's all for now!



  1. You make me want to do something FUN! Ahh jealous of all your concerts :)

  2. I went to law school up there and TOTALLY remember the Ludlow Yacht Club - sounds like a blast!