Muted Zebra

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fashion Friday...follow the leader!

Lots of other people's blogs have fashion friday and since I'm too lazy to upload pictures from my camera, I figured I would follow the leader!

I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow morning and I would love to say I did some massive shopping for my trip, but I did not and I don't really need to. However if I HAD been shopping for the occasion, here is what I would have purchased:

This top with some dark jean capris and sandals for a day of shopping:

This swimsuit for a day at the manmade beach:

And this dress for a night on the town:

I actually have a very cute dress I bought in Chicago a few months ago that I haven't worn so I will definitely be packing that!

Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend!



  1. ALL of those items are super cute! I especially like the top up top. Where can I buy it? ;)