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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Exciting Weekend!

This weekend has been quite exciting. First, I bought a new car! I guess I shouldn't say CAR...its a rather large GMC Acadia. At first I was really nervous because it's sooo much different then my good ole Acura TL (which I will miss), but I have become more comfortable driving this monster each and every day! It seats eight people, has a DVD player, TONS of room for traveling and our two really is perfect for us! Here is a picture!

The excitement doesn't stop here...Saturday night I went to dinner and to the Cincinnati Ballet with a friend. We saw Mozart's was my first ballet and it was GREAT! I would highly recommend it! This is a picture I took of the program and my cousin's school mascot (he has to travel to different places and get his picture cute)!

Oh I must mention that one HORRIBLE thing that happened this weekend was UK losing to West Virginia...of course I still love my WILDCATS. Moving past the devastation...on Saturday morning me and two of my best girlfriends drove to Louisville (in my new car of course) to purchase hats for the Kentucky Oaks! We were so lucky that all three of us found hats we loved at the first store we went to. We had a great time trying on hats, giving each other advice, debating colors and styles and finally making our purchase! Here are a few pictures of my hat from all different sides (the feather is actually in the back).

I bought it and added all the feathers. I love I have to find something to wear with it...I don't normally wear brown! The Kentucky Oaks is the big race before the Derby for those of you who don't know. It is also held at Churchill Downs and it's tradition to dress up, wear hats, and drink the "Oaks Lily" which is the official drink of the KY Oaks. It's pink because the Oaks raises money for breast cancer research. The ingredients are:

* 1 oz. Vodka
* 1 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix
* 3 oz. Cranberry Juice
* Splash of Triple Sec

Here is a picture of Kim Kardashian drinking an Oaks Lily

One day I will make it to the Derby, but this year I'm perfectly content with the Oaks!

Lots of other fun things happened this weekend, but I have written enough for now! Hope you had a great weekend too!



  1. Love the new car - I've admired Acadias for awhile now. Where did you end up getting your hat? You did a great job with the feathers! Have you been to the Oaks before? You'll have a blast, I actually like going to the Oaks more so than the Derby!

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Congrats on the car, sorry about UK, fantastic hat by the way AND thanks for the coming to see our performance of Mozart's Requiem this past weekend! We put a lot of hard work into this production and I am thrilled that this was your first ballet! You saw high energy show that's for sure! I hope that this is to be the first of many productions of Cincinnati Ballet that you will come to see. If you liked Mozart's Requiem than I hope that you will come see the next production that we are doing which is two works in one evening. This will be on the weekend of May 7 and 8. You can check out all the info about us that you like at our newly redesigned

    Also, I would like to invite you to come see a short preview of some of our next production at an informal rehearsal viewing and reception to follow on April 29, 5:15 until 7PM at our studio performance space at 1555 Central Parkway in Cincinnati. We call this event "Ballet & Beer". It is a chance to see a little of the behind the scenes of what it takes to get our productions to the stage and then you get to mingle with our dancers afterward too! Hope you can make it. It is free. Also, bring a friend too if you like. You will need to call ahead to reserve seats which at this point is a waitlist but usually you will be able to get a seat. Place yourself on the waitlist by either:
    Calling our box office at 513.621.5282 or Emailing us at You will need to include your full name, the number in your party, and a phone number where you can be reached.

    Hope to see you there and or at the performances at the Aronoff.

    Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm about us. It is always appreciated.


    Devon Carney
    Associate Artistic Director
    Cincinnati Ballet