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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Basement is Painted :)

I was so excited to see the basement painted! This clearly means I didn't help at all! I would have, but I think it was better for me to stay out of they way. I did chose the colors, so that was my part. We did the majority of the space in "Oak Cake", the bedroom is some type of Mauve color, and the bathroom in a very light blue. I think it looks great! We will probably slow down a bit now and take a breather before putting up trim, selecting tile, cabinets, counter-top, etc. Here are some pictures!

Today is my hubby's 29th birthday...Yikes! One more year till the big 3-0! We had dinner at his parents house on Sunday to celebrate. Here is a picture of Matt with his niece Sophie who was helping him blow out the candles.

On Sunday I also attended a shower for my cousin-in-law (who is pregnant with baby Kadence). It was at a local church and it was such a great place to have a shower! Of course, I couldn't resist making her one of my "crafts". She loved it!

I'm going to start selling these and I will be at the Ryle Craft Show in November...exciting!

Thats all for now. BUT, I leave for Naples Florida in the morning (YAY) I probably won't be posting until sometime next week. Have a great week and weekend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!



  1. Have fun on your vaca! I just love your crafts! I am going to have to give one of those a try!

  2. I love the colors in your basement. We just finished ours and I will be doing a post on the finished product soon! Do you have a Fischer Home? It looks very similar to ours.

  3. Hi ladies, thanks for the compliments!

    Cindy, no...we have a Bold's a ranch. I love seeing other peoples me so many ideas!