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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zadeh aka "Momma" and Rupp

Tonight I got a few really good pictures of our new puppy Rupp (yes...named after Rupp Arena in Lexington). It's actually been very hard to get a good picture of him because he is so black! He is about 9 1/2 weeks old now and looks just like Zadeh did at that age (but a different color of course).

Most of you know that Zadeh has had many surgeries. She really loved eating metal objects there for a while. Lets see...she has eaten her own collar (buckle and all), an open safety pin, and a picture frame (metal and all). She is now in her cage at all times when we are gone. We don't like doing that, but we have to for her own safety. Lets hope Rupp doesn't have a taste for metal!


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