Muted Zebra

Sunday, January 24, 2010


After reading someones really neat blog, I decided I would try to make some of my own "crafts". Actually, I can't claim them my own because I got the idea from I thought her wooden letter idea was so stinkin cute. I have been working on a couple for our house today and I have to say it is not turning out so well. Actually, I have done two of them (one with a J for me and one with a M for Matt)...of course the one I have done for Matt looks great and mine looks awful, LOL. I guess I can learn from the experience and try to re-do mine!

At this point, things are still going good. It's not until I start applying the decoupage that things get "messy". My paper started bubbling up and Matt's is just fine and dandy!

My table still looks like this. I decided to take a breather from crafting to share my experience :). Hopefully things will turn out wonderfully and I will have some finished products to post tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Here is the wonderful blog you all need to visit!



  1. Thanks for making an 'N' out of wood......jerk

    ~Your Bro-Bro

  2. These are really cute.........Did you buy the letters already cut out? Can we put our name on the list for an "S", I would love to have one!!!!! Is this what Lauren was working on for her baby shower gift? You have really good ideas, the basement looks like it is coming along, it will be done before you know it!!!