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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's a happenin hot stuff????

Whew it has been hot here the last week or was 101 in my car yesterday! I think I could handle a couple more pool/lake trips and then I'm ready to head into fall! (I know some of you are cursing me right now.)

So whats been happenin lately?? T H I S !!!!

What is their to say. Here's my final "two cents worth". I think she did it. I also think if I were on the jury I would NOT have been able to convict her either. I hate to say that b/c I really do THINK she did it. The problem is you can't really convict someone just because you THINK they did it. I did however DESPISE her defense team and thought they presented a horrible case. Not to mention that their little celebration party after the verdict was UN-CALLED FOR!

Moving on...

My sweet puppy Rupp has kennel cough!!!!!!! What in the world?????!!!!

We will no longer be taking him to PET%$&@#*$!! (I feel bad actually saying the name of the place online...other people may love it.) I do hope he gets better soon...poor baby! Funny story though. Matt was so mad about taking him to the vet because he was convinced that it was something small like eating too much grass. When I brought him home and told him what was wrong he actually had to admit that I was right and he was wrong and I made the good decision :)

This weekend we will be attending a Sublime and 311 concert. Guess I better start listening to some of their music, lol. (I know a song or two.)

Hope you're having a good week so far.

Stay cool!


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  1. I'm so sorry about your dog! I'm always paranoid about that. I hope he's feeling better soon!!!