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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's time for....

Eating healthy and losing weight.

I feel like this:

Seriously...that's what I feel like at this very moment.

I'm not much of a runner, but walking out in this heat has to be just as good as far as burning calories. I need to convince myself to work out ALOT over the next couple of months! And I need to eat healthier of course.

I set a goal last month to paint my bathroom well guess what? I didn't do it :) This month I need to mulch my looks hideous. It looks like this:

Ha! Just kidding that is clearly not my house and clearly not my landscaping. I couldn't find a picture yucky enough to illustrate how bad it looks right now.

So on to my quest for a vehicle I acutally like. I'm thinking one of these:

Maybe I should stop day dreaming.

Have a good Tuesday...I'm ready to head home!


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  1. When you showed that landscaping I was like...geez, I'd hate to see what she thinks of mine :) But seriously, understand where you're coming from. I've been doing well going to the gym but have not been eating so great. And we all know bodies are made in the kitchen, or whatever that saying is. Good luck!