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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hi ladies (and gentleman but I really doubt there are any reading this),

OMG I am sooo tired today. It rained like CRAZY last night. We had some SERIOUS hail around 4:30 with severe thunderstorms. Matt likes to open the window so I woke up feeling like lightning was coming through our window. It's still raining really hard now and is supposed to all day BOO! This would be the perfect day to be at home!!

So I mentioned in my last post that I joined Weight Watchers. Well this is true! A friend/co-worker joined before me and it was really motivating! Now four of us at work are on the plan and we are rotating bringing in healthy food. You guys might think I'm crazy since I'm 27 and not really over weight, but you know how it feels to be a little thicker than usual, HA! Here is what I was tempted with at work yesterday (this is basically a daily thing):

Fudge from South Carolina

Brownies made by one of my favorite people at work who is a great baker!

The famous Neiman Marcus cookies made by my boss (also a great baker).

Fruit pizza - ok I made this (for my boss's 50th birthday)...although it has fruit on it it's still a COOKIE with Cream cheese and powdered sugar!

This is no joke...this is what sat around ALL day at work yesterday! I love having the option of eating all these goodies, but it's making my pants a bit tight, LOL!

SO, I made weight watchers lasagna on Sunday and it was SOOOO good. I'm really hoping this plan works out (for at least a month or two) until I get back to "normal". If anyone is looking for a way to loose a few I would really recommend it!!


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  1. Shame on you.... You Farjher is a regular partaker of your blog!!