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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sorry I was sleep-talking

Good morning,

It's Tuesday...I am finally back to working from home one day a week (when I can squeeze it in), so how could I resist blogging?

I have my work laid out all over the place, laundry running, dogs sleeping, fire going (b/c Matt opened the windows and it's now 50 degrees in here), and my coffee:

The championship game was on last night and I stayed up until half time when Butler was up by 3. I shot out of bed at 12:30 realizing that I HAD to know who won. I woke Matt up and asked "SO...who won the game??" he appears to be awake enough to know what he's talking about and he says "BULTER!" I say "SWEET!" and go back to bed. Well sure enough I start checking my emails this morning and one of the first one's I open up is this:

UGH! As you can imagine I yell for Matt and ask him why in the world he told me Butler won! His response...."I was sleep-talking...I was dreaming..." BUMMER! Man the Wildcats would have looked good on that Tervis Tumbler and I proudly would have ordered it to sip out of while tailgating at Keeneland.

Speaking of Keeneland, I will be there in 11 days! Hooray...I love keeneland. AND I bought a really cute Jessica Simpson dress to wear (which I can't find on her website to show you), so now I have to find fun colorful shoes!

Well that was a fun break...BACK TO WORK.


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  1. haha that is so funny...I live in Indy and we only wish Bulter won!! :)