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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Had To Miss The Lake This Weekend

Well, I have ended up having a pretty relaxing weeked. Friday, I left work sick (tummy ache), Saturday Matt and I went to Newport with our friends but I didn't last very long (tummy ache again), and today I'm relaxing at home and getting ready for PF Chang's for dinner and TRUEBLOOD afterwards! Thanks to my Mom and Dad's friend Lisa (who is a nurse in Huntsville, AL), I have figured out what to do to feel better! Lisa said the antibiotic I was on a couple of weeks ago killed the good bacteria in my tummy and I need to take probiotics to balance things out. I started taking probiotics yesterday afternoon and it has REALLY helped! I almost feel back to normal. Thanks Lisa! Although I'm feeling better, I am still sad that we had to miss out on the lake this weekend b/c of my tummy :(

On to other things...anyone watch the Bachelorette? I'm so excited for tomorrow nights episode!

I don't like Frank at all! Obviously if you watch the show, you know what is going to happen tomorrow night. What a jerk! So, between Roberto and Chris...I really like both of them! She has dropped lots of hints about possibly not choosing anyone...I hope that doesn't happen!

Who's it gonna be...Roberto or Chris??? No spoilers please!


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