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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Movie Review Blog & Birthday's

I'm excited to announce that my brother Nolan has started a blog of his own! He loves watching movies of all kinds (almost), so he came up with the idea of writing movie reviews. His first review is of the movie Orphan.

He would love for you to read and follow his blog! Have a visit...

On another note, we had a fun weekend and it was semi-relaxing (since we didn't have any out of town trips scheduled). Friday, I met Brooke at Grandview Tavern for drinks and we enjoyed ourselves as we always do. Saturday, Brooke and I went to the pool (only for a bit since it started to get really cloudy). Saturday evening about 12 people went out to dinner for my Dad's 50th birthday. We were going to make it a surprise, but figured out quickly that it would be difficult to pull that off. I'm mad at myself for not getting very good pictures, but here is my Dad getting ready to blow out his candle.

Happy 50th Dad! Remember...50 is the new 30, HA!

Nolan's birthday was on Sunday, so we celebrated his as well that evening. Here is Nolan ready to blow out his candle.

Happy 25th Nolan aka Pickles...HA! PS. we ate at a restaurant called Embers on Montgomery Road and it was VERY good!

Sunday, was the first pre-season Bengals game! WHO DEY! Matt and I have season tickets for the first time and we couldn't be more excited! PLUS, I'm super duper excited that T.O. signed on this season...go 81!!

Second pre-season game this Friday! Have a great week.


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